How to Install Genie app (Android)

Genie is one of the top music streaming platforms in Korea. Streaming SEVENTEEN’s songs on Genie helps increase their digital points which hold a very high weightage in music shows’ winning criteria. Genie is counted in 5 music shows. You may choose to stream from your PC or your mobile phone. You will need the Genie app to stream on your mobile. However, the app is available only in Korea by default. Follow the steps below to see how international fans can install the Genie app.

Method 1: Installing the app from the Play Store with the help of VPN (Recommended)


Step 1


Step 2 & 3


Step 4



Step 5 & 6


Step 7


Step 8


Step 9



Method 2: Install the Genie APK

This method is not preferred as the APK will not be automatically updated, unlike the app installed from the Play Store in Method 1. You will have to keep visiting the APK website to download the latest APK version for it to function. Some would still rather install the APK as this is a faster method.

You may download the Genie APK here:

We will not be providing a tutorial on downloading APKs as there are general instructions on the internet, but if you still need help, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Before you start streaming, please read and follow the streaming guidelines. They are extremely important as they ensure that our streams are counted into the charts.

There are other Korean music platforms that are very important and useful to stream on, such as MelOn and Naver Music. Please check out the tutorials!