How to get Free Naver Streaming Passes

Naver Music is one of the top music streaming platforms in Korea. Streaming SEVENTEEN’s songs on Naver Music helps increase their digital points which hold a very high weightage in music shows’ winning criteria. Naver Music is counted in 2 music shows. Naver streaming passes are the easiest to obtain, so do sign up and stream through Naver Music! The sign up page is available in English, so there will not be any tutorials on Naver sign-up, but CARATs can always DM us on Twitter if you experience issues signing up.

This tutorial shows you how to get 120 or 80 free Naver streaming passes. This can only be carried out using a mobile browser.

Go to to start.

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Step 1 & 2

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Step 3

2017-05-19 04.57.04

Step 4

2017-05-19 04.57.51

2017-05-19 04.58.45

Step 5

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Step 6

Hashtag: #내_가수1위만들기

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Don’t worry if you still cannot get the streaming passes, just keep trying every night at 10 PM KST until you do!

Before you start streaming, please read and follow the streaming guidelines. They are extremely important as they ensure that our streams are counted into the charts.

There are other Korean music platforms that are very important and useful to stream on, such as MelOn and Genie. Please check out the tutorials!

SEVENTEEN and CARATs fighting!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.